2020 MARATHON - Saturday 24th of OCTOBER.

Planned and led by Chris Jarvis and Karen Armitage

With COVID-19 wreaking scheduling havoc with everybody and everything, nothing about this event can be written into stone. So, this is where we are, as at mid-July:

If you don’t know what The Marathon is about, here is a quick history. Twenty-seven years ago, Bill Casey led a long day walk of 42km along the then ‘infant’ Great Dividing Trail. This proved very popular, and quickly morphed into an annual event. The walk is broken into stages, where a support team meet the walkers at check points and ply the walkers with refreshments. After an amazing twenty-five Marathons, Bill called it a day on planning and leading the event, whereupon Chris Jarvis and Karen Armitage took on the planning and leadership roles. This Marathon will be the club’s twenty-seventh. It’s a great day out, and there is no shame in sitting out a stage or two. You don’t have to be a super-walker - over the years many new-comers have been surprised and very proud of themselves for their achievement.

There are two VERY BIG caveats this will postpone this event, possibly at short notice.

  1. Maximum permitted group size – We plan to have around 30 people (Walkers plus Support Team), and / or
  2. Whether support cars will be permitted to carry passengers from outside their household.
Contact Chris as per the Members' Program for more details.